December 20th, 2022

  1. Chairman Bart Lee conducting- Meeting called to order- Prayer- Roll call.

The regular meeting of the Monroe City Planning Commission was called to order by Chairman Bart Lee on December 20th, 2022, at 7:01 p.m. Opening prayer was offered by Commissioner Mecham.



Bart Lee

Gordon Dickinson

Bill Mecham

Greg Northrup-excused

Paula Roberts


Mike Shaver

James Payne

Yvonne Shaver

  • Approval of previous meeting minutes held October 18th, 2022.

Commissioner Mecham made a motion to approve the minutes with the stated corrections. Seconded by Commissioner Roberts. All were in favor. Motion passes 4-0.

  • Citizens comments.

No citizens were present.

4.            Public Hearing to receive comments concerning proposed updates and revisions to the Monroe City Land Use Management and Development Chapter 3 Annexation. Changes will include updates to definitions, a plain language update and meeting requirements of the state.

Commissioner Lee opened the public hearing at 7:09 p.m. No comments were made.

Commissioner Dickinson made a motion to recommend approval the stated proposed updates to the Monroe City Council. Seconded by Commissioner Mecham. All were in favor. Motion passes 4-0.

Commissioner Lee closed the public hearing at 7:10 pm. Commissioner Lee opened the regular planning meeting at 7:11 p.m.

  • Garage Connection located at 575 W 454 S. Submitted by James Payne.  

James has been working on his garage for the last few years and is trying to decide how to finalize it. He is debating on making it an Airbnb with an attached breezeway to his house. Commissioner Dickinson asked if there is water and septic already ran to the garage? James said there are water lines that run into the garage, but the septic lines from the garage are ran to his old septic system attached to his home. He stated that there are also gas lines ran to the garage and a meter. Commissioner Lee asked how large his lot is? James responded it is close to .75 acres. Commissioner Mecham asked if the garage would meet current setbacks by being off his property lines by the required 10’? James responded that the garage already sets back further than the 10’. Commissioner Roberts asked if he thinks he will need an additional septic system? James wasn’t sure what would be required since he hasn’t finalized what he is wanting to do. Commissioner Lee noted that he will need to get approval from the health department on his septic system before moving forward on creating any type of living quarters. He will also need to submit a building permit to the city if he plans to create a breezeway.

  • Property updates located at 20 W 100 N. Submitted by Mike Shaver

Mike and Yvonne Shaver are seeking a few different options on what they can do to develop two pieces of property. Commissioner Lee asked about one of the proposals that was submitted where there are no property lines. He is wondering if they are planning on combining the two lots into one. Mike said that would be an option if they had to combine them to have the septic system on. They have met with the health department, and they are wondering if there could be one septic system for both lots. Commissioner Lee told them no. The reason behind that is because if they were to ever sell the lots the septic would be split between 2 owners. Mike asked if an easement could be created to access the septic system? Yvonne pointed out the fact that commercial properties tend to be smaller so to fit two septic systems makes it a little difficult. Commissioner Lee told them to check with the health department to see what their thoughts would be. He doesn’t believe he has ever come across someone who has wanted to do an easement for the septic system and wants a little more clarification if Monroe City would allow that. Yvonne asked if the county health department approves their proposal for one shared septic system between the two lots, if the city would allow it? Commissioner Lee said it would need to be brought before the city council, he would like them to review it also. Commissioner Roberts asked if they do record this as an easement, what happens? Yvonne said that easement needs to be recorded with title and then stays with the title of the property. Any time there was a deed transfer or purchase agreement, the recorded easement would stay with the property. Yvonne said they would like this option because if sewer were to ever become available, they would be able to do more with the two separate lots than the one combined lot. Commissioner Lee asked how much parking they would have available if they are proposing having a business front? Mike replied he believes there would be at least four parking spots off main street, giving the 30’ space from the stop sign.  Mike asked what the parking requirements are right now? Recorder Allison Leavitt answered Mike saying for short term rentals it is 1 parking spot per unit and 1 parking spot per 200’ of office space. Overall, the Shaver’s would like to restore the Greystone Church that sits on one parcel and possibly bring a small commercial office space to the other parcel. No other questions or comments were made.

  • Conditional Use License “Wild Rose Rejuvenation” located at 350 E 520 S. Submitted by Heather Lundgreen.  

Heather already has a business established and an approved business license with the city at a different address. She is moving and is looking to update her license to her new address. She is not changing anything about her business, just moving to a new home. Commissioner Dickinson questioned if she owned the home since her application shows that she is renting it? Heather is in the process of purchasing the home but since she does not own it yet, she applied as a renter. Commissioner Dickinson didn’t see an issue with anything especially since she has already been approved, she has all her certificates and knows how to handle the disposal of hazardous waste. Heather has had zero complaints on her business since she opened. The commissioners had no other comments or questions.

Commissioner Dickinson made a motion to recommend approval to the Monroe City Council. Seconded by Commissioner Roberts. All were in favor. Motion passes 4-0.

  • Adjournment.

Commissioner Roberts made a motion to adjourn at 7:50 p.m. Seconded by Commissioner Dickinson. All were in favor. Meeting adjourned.

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