October 17, 2023

  1. Chairman Bart Lee conducting- Meeting called to order- Prayer- Roll call.

The regular meeting of the Monroe City Planning Commission was called to order by Chairman Bart Lee on October 17, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. Opening prayer was offered by Commissioner Northrup.



Bart Lee

Gordon Dickinson- Excused

Ryan Johnson- Excused

Paula Roberts

Greg Northrup


Deon Beatty

Patricia Bodenschatz

Todd Bailey

LeAnn Bailey

  • Approval of previous meeting minutes held September 19, 2023.

Commissioner Northrup made a motion to accept the minutes with the stated corrections. Seconded by Commissioner Roberts.

  • Citizens’ comments.

Todd and LeAnn Bailey are here concerned about a citizen in Monroe who seems to have an illegal septic dump and they are also wondering what the policy is to live in a trailer. Commissioner Lee informed the Bailey’s that you are allowed to live in a travel trailer while you are actively building a home in Monroe. The Bailey’s asked how long are you allowed to live in the trailer? Commissioner Lee answered that a permit is good for six months before construction begins. The Bailey’s would like someone to go and check and make sure that the complained citizen is abiding by the septic policy. Monroe City will contact the health department to have them do an inspection and to see if a septic permit has been applied for.

No other citizens were present.

4.         Conditional Use License “Diversity Martial Arts & Fitness” Located at 263 South 400 East. Submitted by Deon Beatty.

Deon has just a built new home where she is hoping to open her business. The space for the business would be held in her garage. It is around 1,000 square feet. She has the space to safely teach and all the safety mats and required equipment. She would like to teach sport-martial arts and adult fitness. Commissioner Northrup asked what the future intent is with the space? She responded it’s only to train/teach kids. He asked if any matches or competitions would be held there? Deon replied no, unless it was just in house class kids. Commissioner Lee asked if she has to have any type of special insurance to be able to teach? Deon said she will have business insurance once she has an active business license but for now, she is just using her homeowner’s insurance. Commissioner Roberts asked how many students will she have? Deon said she will be starting from the bottom, so she won’t have a very large clientele to begin with. Her classes in the past have been capped at 20 students but she doesn’t believe she will have that many since she is just starting in Monroe. She also noted that she doesn’t like to have large classes since it’s just her instructing but once she has brown and black belts to help her, she would like to add more students. Commissioner Lee noted she has plenty of parking for her business. Deon noted that most of the parents are all drop off/pick up and won’t be parked for the entirety of the class. Commissioner Roberts also added that there is nothing like this in Monroe and Commissioner Lee thinks it’s a great addition to the community. No other questions or comments were made.

Commissioner Northrup made a motion to recommend approval to the Monroe City Council for “Diversity Martial Arts & Fitness” Seconded by Commissioner Roberts. All were in favor. Motion passes 3-0.

5.         Oversized shop/garage located at 524 West 880 South. Submitted by Patricia Bodenschatz.

Patricia has purchased 2 lots in Highland Ranch Estates each one of them is .5 acre. One of the lots has her residence on it while the other one she would like to build a barn on to keep her horses, hay and other livestock needs.   Commissioner Lee asked if there are any bathroom facilities to the barn and she replied there are not, it is just going to be a steel building that is to house her animals. Commissioner Roberts commented that the barn will not be in Patricia’s fenced area and Patricia confirmed that it will not be. It will be located on the vacant lot. Commissioner Lee asked if she is going to do electricity to the barn and Patricia informed the commissioners that she is thinking about doing solar for the barn since she works for a solar company. Commissioner Lee noted she has plenty of room, she has the 10’ around each property line. No other comments or questions were made.

Commissioner Northrup made a motion to recommend approval to the Monroe City Council. Seconded by Commissioner Roberts. All were in favor. Motion passes 3-0.

6.         Oversized shop/garage located at 151 South 100 West. Submitted by Don Grant.

Don is not here tonight but from his building permit they are looking at a basic shop to be used as storage. Commissioner Roberts noted there is a shed there already and asked if this shop is in addition to what is currently there, which it is. The commissioners questioned whether water or electricity will be run to the shop. Commissioner Lee wants to double check on both of those, especially if a septic permit is going to be required. Commissioner Northrup feels like the permit is straight forward on what Don is wanting to do. The commissioners are ok moving forward with motioning approval for the permit if water and electricity questions are addressed at city council.

Commissioner Northrup made a motion to recommend approval to the Monroe City Council with the stipulation of bathroom facilities and electric need being addressed at city council. Seconded by Commissioner Roberts. All were in favor. Motion passes 3-0.

7.         Adjournment.

Commissioner Northrup made a motion to adjourn at 7:19 p.m. Seconded by Commissioner Roberts. All were in favor. Meeting adjourned.

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