JULY 20TH, 2021 

Notice is hereby given that the Monroe City Planning Commission will meet on Tuesday, July 20th, 2021 at the Monroe City Offices, 10 North Main Street, which meeting shall begin promptly at 7:00 p.m.          


1.        Chairman Bart Lee conducting- Meeting called to order- Prayer- Roll call. 

The regular meeting of the Monroe City planning Commission was called to order by Chairman Bart Lee on July 20th 2021 at 7:00 p.m. Opening Prayer was offered by Commissioner Northrup. 


Daniel Winget 


Bart Lee 

Gordon Dickinson 

Greg Northrup 

Bill Mecham 

Janet Cartwright 

Paula Roberts-Excused 


Jav D. Redd 

Trevor Arehart 

Douglas Monroe 

Jason Monroe 

Dustin Nielson 

Whitney Olsen 

Clark Williams  

Daniel Winget 

Kris Young 

2.         Approval of previous meeting minutes held May 18th, 2021. 

Commissioner Northrup made a motion to approve the minutes from May 18th, 2021 as written. Seconded by Commissioner Dickinson. All were in favor. Motion Passes 4-0. 

3.        Citizens comments. 

No citizens were present.  

4.         Single lot split of 1-M1-17 located at 270 North 300 West submitted by Daniel Winget.   

Daniel Winget is here to seeking the planning commissioner’s approval to send his lot split to the city council. He has met with the planning commission prior to this meeting and requested all the appropriate steps to go about splitting his lot. Commissioner Mecham asked Mr. Winget if he was planning on adding a driveway across the ditch. Mr. Winget informed the commissioner that he wasn’t sure what he was officially going to do yet. Commissioner Lee asked about how he would water, and Mr. Winget informed him that he has ditch irrigation water, he is not on Monroe City’s irrigation water. No other concerns were addressed with the lot split.

Commissioner Mecham motioned to approve the single lot split submitted by Daniel Winget. Seconded by Commissioner Northrup. All were in favor. Motion Passes 4-0.  

5.        Single lot split of 1-M2-1located at 400 East 100 North submitted by Clark Williams and Mike Ginsburg. 

Mr. Williams would like to split off part of parcel # 1-M2-1. Mr. Williams asked about the ditch that runs through the property if it were to ever flood who would be responsible for it? Commissioner Lee informed him it would be the property owner’s responsibility to take care of any flooding. Mr. Williams also asked if the property is located in the Monroe City flood zone, which it is not. Discussion about road development was asked and Chairman Lee told Mr. Williams that the city doesn’t purchase property and put in a road, that will be the developer’s responsibility to plan and put in a road. The question about irrigation water was brought up and Mr. Williams is able to get irrigation water, but he will have to turn in water shares and pay to have an irrigation riser installed. Commissioner Lee reminded Mr. Williams if he is going to build a shop larger than 1,400 square feet, he will have to come back to planning commission to get approval. Mr. Williams will get his piece surveyed and plat maps drawn up to propose to the Commissioners for the August meeting if everything gets finished in time.  

6.         Conditional Use license located at 283 South 570 West “CSC Bunkhouse Rentals Inc” submitted by Nathan and Kris Young. 

Commissioner Northrup verified that the property has been a long-term rental and they are now wanting to move it to a short term. Commissioner Lee asked if they have tenants in right now and Mrs. Young informed them, they do have tenants in there but won’t ask them to move out. They have a top apartment which is what they want to turn into the short-term rental. Commissioner Lee made sure that the Young’s are the current owners of the property, which they are.  Commissioner Mecham asked if there would be enough space for parking? Kris told the commissioners there is plenty of space for parking. Commissioner Lee made the comment that since they have already been using the place as a long-term rental that everything looked good to go to move it to a short-term rental.  

Commissioner Northrup Made a motion to recommend approval to the Monroe City Council for “CSC Bunkhouse Rentals Inc” Seconded by Commissioner Dickinson. All were in favor. Motion Passed 4-0. 

7.        Conditional Use License located at 83 East 100 North “Sweet Haven Bakery” submitted by Whitney Olsen. 

Whitney has come to planning commission to get a business license for her food truck for the City of Monroe. Whitney does mostly custom orders out of her home. She also has a food trailer that she bakes and preps her food in to sell out of her food truck. Commissioner Lee asked if she was currently licensed with the county health department for her food truck and she is. Commissioner Northrup made a comment that he saw no issues with issuing the license.

Commissioner Northrup made a motion to recommend approval to the Monroe City Council for “Sweet Haven Bakery” Seconded by Commissioner Mecham.  All were in favor. Motion Passed 4-0. 

8.        Discuss 1080 South unapproved property division. 

Doug Monroe informed the commissioners that he is not here as a property owner of the unapproved subdivision, but he is aware of what is going on and he has questions about his property that would be accessed off of one of the unapproved lots. He was deeded enough space to access his property, but he is wanting to know if he will have to put in a cul da sac or a turnaround off his property to make it legal. The commissioners visited about having the developer of the property put in a turn around and to make the undeveloped properties give up space to make the road a legal size. The properties that have developments on them are not able to give up any space to widen the road, but the undeveloped ones can. Another issue besides the non-legal-size width of the road is power/water hookups. The commissioners all decided that it would be up to the Monroe City departments to make the call on where and what type of service they would offer in the subdivision. The Commissioners were all in agreement that no building permit would be issued until the road issue was resolved between those undeveloped properties. Other concerns that were visited about but not decided on was a fire hydrant location and possible movement of property lines. As issues arise the commissioners will continue to address them and try to resolve them as efficiently as possible.

9.        Monroe Estate Subdivision located at 230 North 300 West submitted by Douglas Monroe 

Douglas is here seeking to get approval to move forward on his proposed subdivision. He has met with the commissioners prior and has gotten all steps approved up to this point. He has his mylar maps ready to be presented to the Monroe City Council, all hookups are approved, all water issues have been resolved. Commissioner Lee made sure to verify if Monroe City irrigation water was permitted to these lots, which they are. No other issues or concerns were discussed.

Commissioner Northrup made a motion to recommend approval to the Monroe City Council for “Monroe Estate Subdivision” Seconded by Commissioner Dickinson. All were in favor. Motion Passes 4-0. 

10.   Review property split located at 285 West 300 South. Submitted by Javalan Redd.

Jav Redd and his business partner Trevor Arehart are here tonight presenting a couple of different ideas for property they are looking to develop. They don’t have anything set yet but want to know what they are and aren’t able to do. Commissioner Lee and the other commissioners gave guidelines to how big property sizes need to be, they gave dimensions, the building ordinance and subdivision ordinance was also given to Mr. Redd and Mr. Arehart. Many different’ ideas were discussed but nothing was officially presented to the commissioners for review. Mr. Redd and Mr. Arehart will come back to planning and zoning with drawings/maps of how they would like to split and then develop the property they are interested in. Commissioner Lee told them to have their proposed lots figured out and brought back to planning commission before they pay for a survey, just to make sure as they move forward all their proposals are legal with Monroe City.

11.      Discuss and review changing commercial zone. Tabled until next meeting.  

12.      Adjournment. 

Commissioner Northrup made a motion to adjourn at 9:00 p.m. Seconded by Commissioner Mecham. All were in favor. Meeting adjourned. 

Posted this 19th day of July 19th, 2021. 

I hereby certify that the foregoing notice and agenda posted at the Monroe City Hall and website at: monroeut.gov, posted on the Utah Public Meeting Notice website and personally delivered to each member of the planning commission.       

 Jacee Barney     

 Monroe City Treasurer    

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals needing special accommodations (including auxiliary communicative aids and services) during this meeting should notify Jacee Barney (435-527-4621) at least 24 hours prior to this meeting. Monroe City is an equal opportunity provider and employer.  

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