February 15th, 2022

Notice is hereby given that the Monroe City Planning Commission will meet on Tuesday, February 15th, 2022, at the Monroe City Offices, 10 North Main Street, which meeting shall begin promptly at 7:30 p.m. 


1.            Chairman Bart Lee conducting- Meeting called to order- Prayer- Roll call.

The regular meeting of the Monroe City Planning Commission was called to order by Chairman Bart Lee on February 15th, 2022, at 7:30 p.m. Opening prayer was offered by Commissioner Northrup.



                Bart Lee

                Gordon Dickinson

                Bill Mecham

                Janet Cartwright

                Greg Northrup

                Paula Roberts


                Mike Moore

                Douglas Monroe

                Vince Donahue

2.            Approval of previous meeting minutes held January 18th, 2021.

Commissioner Northrup made a motion to approve the minutes with the stated corrections. Seconded by commissioner Mecham. All were in favor. Motion Passes 5-0.

3.            Citizens comments.

                No citizens were present.

4.            Lot combination located at 115 North 200 West submitted by Mike Moore.

Mr. Moore is here seeking to combine parcel 1-M19-61 and 1-M19-60 into one to be able to make a legitimate lot. Parcel 1-M19-60 is not a legal lot since it does not have the required square footage. He also owns parcel 1-M19-68 where his current home sits. Commissioner Lee asked if the new proposed property line has the required 10’ easement from the existing shop which Mike Moore answered him that it does. Water rights are available to each lot. No other questions or comments were made.

Commissioner Northrup made a recommendation to approve the lot combination to the Monroe City Council. Seconded by Commissioner Roberts. All were in favor. Motion Passes 5-0.

5.            Subdivision proposal “Monroe Highland Ranch” located at approximately 698 West 800 South. Submitted by Douglas Monroe.

Douglas is here seeking approval to do a subdivision located off 800 South.  There are 12.5 acres available for him to develop into 16 lots. Since all the lots will be over .5 acres there will be no curb or gutter required. Doug mentioned he will take care of streetlights and fire hydrants. He has visited with Monroe City’s Public Works Manager, Devin Magleby about street traffic coming in and out and the best route to develop the road. There will be a cul-de-sac, but it is to code with what Monroe City requires. Right now, there is a private drive up to Doug and Matty’s 10 acres that they will develop in the future. Douglas has looked over state, county and city code about having a second entrance/exit and he has not been able to find anything that states one is required. Commissioner Lee has a concern about not having a second entrance/exit for how big of a development it is. Doug told the commissioners that he does have a right of way that will be maintained with a gate that could be used as a second entrance/exit. He  didn’t include their 10 acres right now because they didn’t want it to be considered Monroe City property until they are ready to build their home. Commissioner Roberts asked if Douglas has presold any lots yet? He replied that he won’t presale any lots. His plan is to build homes on most of them. Doug informed the commissioners that he has built 5 spec homes in the last year and has 2 more spec homes in progress. Commissioner Lee thinks the sketch looks good. All the lots work, the road works, and the lots are all in code. The Commissioners agreed they are comfortable with Douglas moving forward with getting the survey done for the subdivision.

6.            Oversized shop/garage located at 550 East 580 South. Submitted by Vince Donahue.

Vince and his family are in the process of building a home in Monroe and are looking to have a detached garage off to the side of their home.  The garage would have a loft located above the RV side. Commissioner Lee asked if there will be plumbing to the loft?  Vince said yes and the design has already been signed off by the health department. Commissioner Northrup asked if there is living quarters to the loft? Vince replied yes. They were going to live in the loft while they build their home and then possibly turn it into an AirBnB but Vince said they found out there were regulations in their subdivision after they purchased the property that do not allow for an AirBnB business. He informed the commissioners that the shop will mainly be used for more parking, a space for a basketball court and a hitting cage. Commissioner Lee checked to make sure all his frontage and side measurements work. No other comments were made.

Commissioner Mecham made a motion to recommend approval the oversized shop/garage to the Monroe City Council. Seconded by Commissioner Northrup. All were in favor. Motion passes 5-0.

7.            Review Monroe City Land Use Ordinance updates.

Commissioner Lee would like to discuss flag lots. He is wondering if the commissioners would like to do away with flag lots completely or look to update the ordinance? He has couple of concerns he would like to address. The first issue is in number 9, it currently states there is no parking allowed. He is wondering how the commissioners feel about changing it to possibly stating “no long-term parking” or having the parking wording completely left out.  Commissioner Lee also talked to the commissioners about the square footage required with flag lots. He reminded them that the cul-de-sac and road cannot be part of the square footage required to have a flag lot so that has helped eliminate the desire for a flag lot. He also wanted to make it clear he is not against flag lots if they are done correctly. The other issue he has come across is providing access from the flag lot if there is more than 1 owner that uses access off the road. He asked the commissioners to review the flag lot ordinance and come up with ideas and suggestions to update the ordinance.

8.            Other Business.

Commissioner Lee would also like to go over the updates that have been made to the Monroe City Land Use Ordinance book with the commissioners. He asked for suggestions and any questions that the commissioners might have to be taken back to the next update meeting to go over. Questions were asked about a few different definitions and in the permitted section. The commissioners had questions about things that were/were not allowed and why? They wanted more clarity and these to be reviewed one more time before they moved forward with the current changes. Commissioner Lee made note of the suggestions and informed the commissioners that he will have these questions and comments reviewed and answered at the next update meeting. 

9.            Adjournment.

Commissioner Northrup made a motion to adjourn at 8:51 p.m.  Seconded by Commissioner Roberts. All were in favor. Meeting adjourned.

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