1.          Chairman Bart Lee conducting- Meeting called to order- Prayer- Roll call.

The regular meeting of the Monroe City Planning Commission was called to order by Chairman Bart Lee on September 19, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. Opening prayer was offered by Commissioner Johnson. 



Bart Lee

Gordon Dickinson Ryan Johnson

Paula Roberts

Greg Northrup-Excused


Shalyn Dowell

Tyler Timmons

Kathy Mooney

Lance Mooney

Cathy Ramage

John Ramage

  • Approval of previous meeting minutes held June 20, 2023.

Commissioner Johnson made a motion to accept the minutes with the stated corrections.

Seconded by Commissioner Dickinson. All were in favor. Motion passes 4-0.

  • Citizens’ comments.

No citizens were present.

  • Conditional Use License AirBnB “Sunrise Haven Suite.” Located at 277 West 800 South. Submitted by Chris Dowell.

Shaylynn and Chris Dowell would like to Airbnb an offset bedroom in their home. The unit has a kitchenette, its own driveway and plenty of privacy. Commissioner Lee said there looks like there is plenty of room for parking. Commissioner Roberts said she has personally been there, and it is very accommodating for a rental, and she feels like they did a good job converting the extra space. No other comments or questions were asked. 

Commissioner Roberts made a motion to recommend approval to the Monroe City Council for “Sunrise Haven Suite.” Seconded by Commissioner Johnson. All were in favor. Motion passes 4-0.

  • Conditional Use License AirBnb “C & J Enterprises LLC.” Located at 245 South Mountain View Lane. Submitted by John and Cathy Ramage.

Cathy and John are now empty nesters and have the front area of their home that is vacant. The space contains 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, and a living room. The portion of their home they would like to rent out is able to give plenty of privacy for guests and keep the remainder of their home private for themselves. Cathy and John only expect to host 4 guests at a time so the most cars they would have would be 2. Commissioner Lee asked if parking would be in their driveway circle or out in the street? The Ramage’s informed them that parking would be in their driveway. Commissioner Lee also asked about if the portion to their side of the home is locked and if so, are guests able to get out of the house if there was an emergency? The Ramage’s said there are 2 entrances for guests to be able to come and go so an emergency escape would not be a problem. Commissioner Dickinson wanted verification on the address of the home. Is it posted anywhere for guests to see? The Ramage’s let the Commissioners know that they would have the address posted but wanted to get approval first before adding any type of signage to their home. No other questions or comments were made.  

Commissioner Dickinson made a motion to recommend approval to the Monroe City Council for “C & J Enterprises LLC.”  Seconded by Commissioner Roberts. All were in favor. Motion passes 4-0.

  • Conditional Use License “Hair and Nails by Kathy” located at 452 E 580 S. Submitted by Kathy Mooney.

Kathy and her husband are currently building a home and they are adding a salon onto their home for her to do hair and nails out of. Commissioner Lee asked about the checklist sheet on the license application since it is not completed. Kathy stated it’s because their house is not completed yet so that is why the form is not filled in completely, but she will have all the checklist items completed once the salon is fully built. Commissioner Dickinson said there is plenty of parking and he asked about how many clients she would have at a time. Kathy stated that there would not be more than one client at a time and all would be by appointment only. Commissioner Roberts noted she saw no issues with the license except for the inspection sheet to be completed. No other questions or comments were made. 

Commissioner Roberts made a motion to recommend approval to the Monroe City Council for “Hair and Nails by Kathy” with the condition that the fire inspection page be completed before the license is issued. Seconded by Commissioner Johnson. All were in favor. Motion passes 4-0.

  • 6 County Community Advisor Council-Tyler Timmons. 

Tyler is here informing the commissioners about the updates that 6 counties has implemented. They have hired more planning advisors to better serve the communities in the 6 counties. He is able to help find and do grant writing, help with updating ordinances including land use and subdivision, and other services to better serve each community. Tyler asked about the city’s subdivision ordinance update and Commissioner Lee stated that the city is in the process of updating the land use book and once it is completed, he would love Tyler to look things over and see what holes the ordinance is missing. Tyler informed the commissioners about the new house bill 74 that helps cover costs of updating the subdivision ordinance and wants the city to take advantage of the funding it offers. Tyler also told the Commissioners that if there are any questions about anything even outside of planning and zoning, he would like to be the first call. He has access to many resources from rental assistance to new build assistance and many other departments. Tyler was asked what are the most popular needs requested by the different cities and towns? Tyler responded that general plan updates, land use ordinances and grant writing are the three most requested resources. Commissioner Lee told Tyler he feels like he is an asset to the community and will be heavily used. Commissioner Johnson asked how long he has been with the county and Tyler replied 3 years. No other questions or comments were made.  

  • Adjournment.

Commissioner Dickinson made a motion to adjourn at 7:25 p.m. Seconded by Commissioner Roberts. All were in favor. Meeting adjourned. 

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